IMS-4000 Wireless Temp Sensor w/External Probe

IMS-4000 Wireless External Temperature Sensor


The IMS-4210-E Wireless External Temperature sensor provides remote temperature monitoring without running wires. The sensor includes an external probe with 12′ of wire and is intended for monitoring temperatures in refrigerator/freezers or other harsh environments. Temperature data is sent from the sensor to the IMS-4200 wireless node via an integrated 2.4GHz wireless radio. The device can transmit its signal up to 250′ indoors and even greater distances when it has line-ofsite. The IMS series of wireless sensors also feature mesh networking technology, which allows each sensor to be used as either a wireless sensor/router or as a low-power battery operated sensor (also referred to as an end device). When used as a router, greater distances can be realized because each sensor/router adds another 250′ of range to the system. The sensor comes with 3 AA alkaline batteries which will power the sensor for up to 2 years (end device mode). An optional plug-in power supply is also available, in which case the batteries function as backup power if main AC power fails (power supply required for router mode).