SCADA 3000 Pulse Count Input Module

SCADA 3000 Pulse Count Module


The SCADA 3000 Pulse Count Module features four totalizing pulse count channels and four virtual channels that can be programmed to calculate various rates or to display count overflow. The module has four pulse count channels, each of which is capable of counting pulses at a rate of up to 10,000 pulses per second (10KHz). Each channel will totalize pulses up to one million and then reset to zero. The four virtual channels can be programmed to calculate the pulse as either pulses per second, pulses per minute or pulses per hour. The module is compatible with dry contact or solid state pulse generating devices such as relays or switches. The module may also be connected to the logic output of another solid state computer device (e.g., Open Collector, TTL, CMOS). The module includes adjustable filtering for each channel to prevent counting errors generated by the bounce from slow-moving switches.